Jan 20

The Challenge of Managing Crisis Negotiation


The above clip from our Crisis Negotiation lecture in our Security Management Training course talks about the difficulties of crisis negotiation managers who find themselves in the middle of a complex event with pressure to quickly resolve the crisis coming from all sides.  In particular, the political or managerial echelons will want the event quickly brought to a successful conclusion but will not usually provide any frameworks within which you can work.  By analyzing the event and communicating its type, consequences, possible outcomes and characteristics to the senior figures in your organization or in government, you will be better positioned to receive useful feedback and guidelines rather than vague statements.

The more you work methodically, the more control you’ll have over the event. The outcome can’t be guaranteed, but the process and communication both within your teams and up the chain of command will be greatly improved.

If you are managing the event, you are the one who is in command and it is for you to let the professional negotiators do their work.  As a manager you should be taking a broad view of the event and be less focused on the detailed operation and more on the wider perspective.