May 27

Threat & Risk Analysis

The above clip from our Threat & Risk Analysis lecture in our Security Managementand Physical Security courses talks about the importance of Threat definition in a Threat & Risk Analysis exercise.  Only after defining the threat can we start to estimate the risks of that threat being carried out.  An example is given of an important public building in.

April 26

Body Language and Security

Experts state that around 90% of human communication is conveyed by non-verbal means or in other words: even when we don’t talk our body speaks. Body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and intonation along with physiological symptoms such as blushing, paling or trembling and social cues like the clothing one chooses to wear, are all.

February 6

Red Teaming: A Tool for Continuous Improvement

Every system needs a checkup from time to time to ensure it is running smoothly and according to its specification. Some systems even require a ‘stress test’ to ensure that they perform according to design criteria under extreme conditions.  This testing is particularly important when we consider security deployments but whereas a vehicle or computer.

January 20

The Challenge of Managing Crisis Negotiation

The above clip from our Crisis Negotiation lecture in our Security Management Training course talks about the difficulties of crisis negotiation managers who find themselves in the middle of a complex event with pressure to quickly resolve the crisis coming from all sides.  In particular, the political or managerial echelons will want the event quickly brought to a.

November 20

4 Crucial Points when Reacting to Dangerous Situations

How do we react when Danger is near? What happens to us physically and mentally during these times? We all have certain responses hard coded into our psyches, regardless of what the danger is. Here are 4 crucial points that will help you and your team be prepared for the unexpected. 1) Understand Natural Reactions.

July 31

6 Best Practices for Planning a Security Upgrade

(or how to squeeze more out of existing resources!) As a security manager or senior business manager responsible for security, I am sure that you are constantly considering the future needs of your organisation’s security.  These 6 Best Practices should help you focus on the right places to concentrate, and the right ways to invest.

July 29

Welcome to the new PSOS Security Training website

This summer marks a facelift for PSOS with a new logo, new website and some exciting new courses planned for Israel in November. Please enjoy looking around the website and check out the Security Management and Physical Security courses for which registration is now open. Make sure you register by the end of August to.