Apr 26

Body Language and Security


Experts state that around 90% of human communication is conveyed by non-verbal means or in other words: even when we don’t talk our body speaks. Body movements, facial expressions, voice tone and intonation along with physiological symptoms such as blushing, paling or trembling and social cues like the clothing one chooses to wear, are all of them part of the non-verbal communication and all together compose the most accurate picture of the person.

Since the body is incapable of lying it is to be considered the best ally of the security person. Whether it is in a context of locating a suspicious person with potential hostile intentions before he succeeds to carry on his attack or while questioning or interrogating a suspect, body language turns out to be a powerful and effective security skill.

In the following video clip Gabi Raam, an international expert in body language, gives some insights of value to the security manager in one of our courses held in Israel.