Nov 21

4 Crucial Points when Reacting to Dangerous Situations

4 Crucial Points when Reacting to Dangerous Situations

How do we react when Danger is near? What happens to us physically and mentally during these times?

We all have certain responses hard coded into our psyches, regardless of what the danger is. Here are 4 crucial points that will help you and your team be prepared for the unexpected.

1) Understand Natural Reactions

The natural responses to danger range from shock to panic as each of these manifests itself physically and emotionally. Understanding the way these reactions are expressed and the state of mind brought on by these responses is crucial in order to overcome the initial natural reaction and return to a controlled level of response.

2) Reaction Time

The time between the natural, uncontrolled response of shock or panic and the point at which a person is capable of a controlled response is called the” Reaction Time”. This period of time is critical and reducing it can be the difference between life or death and failure or success. Although eliminating the reaction time completely is not possible, regular and continuous security training helps to reduce it significantly.

3) Decision Making

An orderly and logical decision making process can prevent making bad decisions and taking wrong and ultimately fatal actions, even more so at times of sudden danger. A typical organized response should follow this order:

Identify and assess danger → Consider options → Make a decision based on the situation → React as decided → Review action as it occurs → Adapt if and as necessary

4) Know your Options

There is a range of reactions that may occur when danger appears. Nature dictates responses of fight or flight but how to manage these responses and navigate the waters depends on many factors from the situation itself to the people being threatened. Understand these and you will know your options when reacting to a dangerous situation.

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