Nov 27

6 Best Practices for Planning a Security Upgrade

6 Best Practices for Planning a Security Upgrade

(or how to squeeze more out of existing resources!)

As a security manager or senior business manager responsible for security, I am sure that you are constantly considering the future needs of your organisation’s security. These 6 Best Practices should help you focus on the right places to concentrate, and the right ways to invest your security budget.
1) Redefine your assets
Your organisation is constantly changing and growing organically. Assets and priorities also change and the assets that you need to protect today are not necessarily those that you needed to protect yesterday. Does everyone in your security operation know what these assets are?

Its time to review and redefine exactly what you are protecting and make sure that senior management, human resources and IT all agree on the list and the priorities.

2) Review the relevant threats
Our adversaries try to change their modus operandi faster than the security establishment can respond. Threats, by their very nature, are dynamic and we have to assure that our security plans are updated accordingly. Sit down with your local law enforcement agency and your senior management to review and agree on the threats relevant to your organization.

3) Update your risk assessment
Buildings get renovated, people get hired and fired, new equipment is purchased and innovative technology introduced to your organization and you may not always know about it. Take the opportunity to review your people, buildings and technology and ensure that your security plan and solutions are updated and still relevant.

4) Prioritize security upgrades
You probably have a long wish-list of upgrades and investments that you want to make in security, but you must make sure to prioritize these upgrades according to the threats and risks that you face. Use an empirical method of determining and prioritizing upgrades and build a long term plan for a multi-year budgets

5) Keep up with market developments
Technology and techniques are constantly being improved. Products and services are being introduced and withdrawn and you should try and keep abreast of developments in the industry. The newest and most advanced are not always the best options.

6) Are your investment plans cost-effective?
Can you justify your investment to your senior management as cost-effective? By using proven analysis methodologies you can analyse and prioritize investments and ensure that you are investing the right funds in the right solutions.

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