About Us

PSOS Security develops top level security courses and has been at the forefront of security training since 1987, offering intensive courses in Israel and around the world.  Founded and run by veterans of a number of branches of the Israeli security services (Intelligence, Security, Army and Police), PSOS Security today is renowned as a leading security trainer.

Created and orientated for both the public and private sectors, PSOS Security courses and training programs are constantly adapted to developments in security concepts, technology and methodology and updated according to the changing modus operandi of the adversaries.  PSOS Security customizes its training to the clients’ specific needs and always adheres to current country-specific and local legislation.

PSOS Security regards people as the principal asset to a security operation and therefore focus is on training for security leadership. Courses are designed to develop the management, analytical and operational skills of security leaders enabling security leaders to operate effectively in both routine “day to day” security operations and under the stress of high alerts or real threats.

Message from the CEO

We take a holistic approach to security training and are proud to offer advanced courses and training programs that are constantly updated, cover a wide range of security related issues and focus on training for security leadership. From security management to physical security and close protection, I am sure that every security professional and organization will benefit from our expertise.

I hope that we will have the chance either to see you soon on one of our courses in Israel or to provide your organization with a tailored program, customized to your needs and requirements closer to your home. I invite you to look through the courses listed on this site and contact us for any additional information you may need. It will be our pleasure helping you to find the most appropriate training for you. 
Uzi More, CEO


PSOS Security operates under the MIPSOS group which also includes MIP Security, a world leader in comprehensive security, dedicated to mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity through cost effective protection solutions.

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The Team

Asher Cohen, President and Founder

Sociologist, specialist in body language and a remarkable multilingual, Asher served in Israel’s public security and founded PSOS Security in 1987 for the provision of security solutions in the public and private sectors. He gathered and led a large and significant pool of experts from different disciplines of state security in many successful security projects and programs worldwide. Under his leadership PSOS Security became an international name in security training and helped shape generations of security professionals based on the understanding of the key role  of the human factor within  security operations. Asher holds a BSc in Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

Uzi More (CEO)

A pre-eminent expert on security and protection, Uzi completed an extended  service with a security arm of the Israeli Government with the rank of colonel. One of the founders of the International Physical Security Forum, he enjoys a global reputation. His vast experience in terrorist-related threat and risk analysis, varied security projects led around the globe and several full scale blast tests under his charge allows him to call upon a wealth of experience and resources as he is regularly invited to present at international conferences and publish security related articles. Uzi founded MIP Security in 1996, a world leader in physical security. In 2011 he formed the MIPSOS Group including MIP Security to focus on consulting and PSOS Security which he took over in 2012. Uzi holds a Master of Science, and in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, and degrees in Economic and Management Studies as well as Mechanical Engineering.

Jonathan Shoham, Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Jonathan is a recognized security expert specializing in protection, security management and explosives. As the former Chief of Staff and deputy head of the protection and security division with the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), Jonathan was responsible for the effective operation of security at all ISA protected entities in Israel including Ben Gurion Airport, strategic ports, border crossings and more. In this position he was in charge of the overall quality assurance of the security operation, by ensuring a balanced integration between technology and the human factor, fixing and reviewing operation procedures as well as planning and carrying out red teaming exercises to examine and improve security preparedness. Prior to joining the ISA Jonathan had a distinguished military career including founding and commanding an elite special forces unit attached to the Engineering Corps of the IDF. He completed his extended period of service with the rank of colonel. Jonathan holds a BA in Security and Social Sciences form the Bar Ilan University.

Beatriz Riestra, Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Born in Spain, Beatriz joined PSOS Security after an extended academic career as well as her job at the Spanish Consulate General in Jerusalem where she maintained contact with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, (COGAT) a unit in the Ministry of Defense. Beatriz joined PSOS Security in 2008, managing training programs and projects in the Spanish speaking world as well as organizing, accompanying and managing the wide range of security courses offered by PSOS Security. She holds an MA in Middle/Near Eastern and Semitic Languages, Literatures and Linguistics from the Complutense University of Madrid, was awarded with a PhD fellowship and conducted research for a few years at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Arye Kasten, Head of Training

Arye is a captain (reserve) in an Israeli Defense Forces Home Front Command Specialist Unit, and has completed a long term service in the Israeli Foreign Ministry Security Division where he was head of security at Israeli Embassies in Beijing and the Baltic States. While in China he oversaw the security aspects of the construction of a new state-of-the-art diplomatic compound in 2002. Arye has extensive experience in project management and training, having executed threat and risk analysis projects, planned and implemented training programs and seminars in many security subjects for civilian, government and police security bodies around the world. Arye is an expert in tailoring security programs which incorporate human resources recruitment and training, physical security and procedures and is intimately familiar with the Asia Pacific region.